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Hello visitor and welcome to Barney's Homepage, also known as the Travel.Bear. More probably than not you are a Geocacher like me, and looking for further information about this Travel Bug.

What? Geocacher? Travel Bug? You don't have a clue? Then my friend, have a look at www.geocaching.com and become enlightened.

For all the others: let's come to business! Barney loves to travel around, especially in other Geocacher's company. He has seen some interesting places in germany already and he wants to see more. There are many places not only in germany but also all around the world, Barney would like to travel to. But for this journey round the world he needs every Geocacher's help! I gave a Travel Bug to Barney, so that you can localize him on www.geocaching.com, log were you found him and where you dropped him off.

The greatest thing would be: take Barney with you to foreign countries or even foreign continents; take a picture of Barney with an interesting place or building you've shown him in the background and dropp him off at a near Cache (should have regular size); and finally send me your pictures at travel.bear@meine-urlaubsfotos.de ;-) I would like to collect these pictures and publish them in this blog. In addition you may also send me few lines about Barneys little adventures while travelling with you. I will gladly publish your stories together with your pictures.
22.7.09 22:08

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